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Monday, 25 March 2013

Dynamic Pads: SwipePad add-on

Posted by Ahsan Ahmed Rahil On 07:38 No comments
If you love launching favorite apps with a swipe, you will also love to contact people, switch running tasks/apps with a single swipe, and that's exactly what this add-on brings to you.
Dynamic Pads will enable 3 automatically filled pads:
1. Frequently contacted
2. Recently contacted
3. Recent tasks
★ With a single swipe (touch down, move, release), you could open quick contact window or switch to another running app.
★ Hold and release on a slot will let you edit the contact or give you context options of your recent task: force close/uninstall what you are running, going to an app's market page to give ratings and so on
SwipePad 0.9.0+ required


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